the team

The sum of whole is greater than the individual

what makes us different?

Like a true craftsmen, we take pride in our end product.

The skills we have gained and the problems we have jointly solved gives us the ability to deliver value added results, quickly.

Meet our partners, who can help you to determine your state of play in your biz!
  •  JP - Complex Change, Vendor Management
  •  RP - Six Sigma and Offshoring
  •  AC - Reporting, Infra Solutions, .net
  •  SK - Reporting, Data warehouse solutions
  •  DE - Offshoring, Process risk and Controls, Service Agreements
  •  RP - Offshoring, I-banking Process Execution and Analytics
  •  TG - Process Execution and Business Analysis
  •  SJ  - Project Management, Outsourcing, Data Centre Services
  •  RM - Project Management, Outsourcing, Service Desk's
  •  MS - Contract Management, Outsourcing, across IT Categories
  •  AV  - Procurement Services, Outsourcing, across IT Categories